If you are done waiting for over a month to get your VISA APPROVED, this might be your next to-do thing. The very idea of flying to Italy for the long-term involves a lot of packing which eventually makes you panic. To make things at least a bit easier for you, I have written a blog story on things to pack while going to Italy.

vande bharath flights to India from italy to india

Last year, like 14 months back, I got my VISA approved and as it was already super late, I booked my AIRINDIA flight from ‘Hyderabad to Rome’ about 15 days before the journey. The flight had a layover in Delhi for 6 hours (Note: There are no direct flights to Italy from Hyderabad). It cost me around 24,500 Rupees (without insurance). I would suggest you take the flight insurance which will cover your luggage and the other aspects, it will only cost you some 1000-1500 rupees more, but worth it.

Anyway, don’t expect to get a flight at such a cheap price, because, that was the possibility before COVID. Now, we are all so doomed. There are barely any flights to Italy, at least no Air India. The ones you can book now are the foreign airlines are they will cost you at least 45 to 50,000, sadly, with no more than one cabin and one check-in bag.

The AirIndia generally lets you carry 10 Kg (cabin) +23 KG+23 KG (Checkin), and a bonus student offer that allows you to include another check-in bag of 23 KGs. I carried 69 KG when I was coming here. Well, it is the past. Anyway, I carried way too many things while coming here because I was so naive. Do not do the same mistake. Coming to the point, here, I am writing down the way you should find your cheapest flight tickets in a step-by-step manner, take a good look:

1. Where and How to Check?

Install the Skyscanner App on your phone. This flight-finder app is simply amazing. At one go, you can find the cheapest flight to Italy compared with all the airports and dates. A good catch.

Also, follow some basic points while looking for the flights:

  • Don’t go for any travel agent, they will take some commission, do it yourself
  • Choose the local airlines (Alitalia) (Domestic flights)
  • Sign up for the flyer membership, you can earn points (later redeem them and get discounts)
  • Activate fare alerts

2. Where are you starting from?

airport of bengaluru short cut

Your starting point matters a lot. For example, apart from AirIndia,  Airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Air France, and KLM have direct flights from Bengaluru. The direct flights can save you around 5-6 hours of layover time in New Delhi (AirIndia layover).

If you are from New Delhi, you can simply take an AirIndia flight to Rome or Milan (lets you carry more baggage).

3. When to search for the flights?

I have used Goibibo when I was booking mine last year. I have noticed a significant difference in the fluctuating prices on the weekends and Thursdays.

If your journey date is flexible, prefer it to be on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, they are the cheapest travel days in every week (because they are working days and not many people travel those days).

When it comes to the time you should browse the tickets, choose midnights. With not many people doing the same thing, there is a good chance of stumbling upon the cheaper air tickets.

4. Go Incognito:

If you want to look up the flights online, the first thing you can do is browsing on the incognito tab. TThe online booking websites have the tendency of storing your information on the flight dates and times in the form of cookies.

incognito mode for flight booking

When you look for the same flight after a day or two, there will be a slight fluctuation in the cost of the flight ticket, which can create a panic in you and make you book the ticket as early as possible. This is one of the most common tactics played by online platforms. That is the reason you should go incognito.

5. Book At ONCE (but separately)

One of the best ways to travel economically is to be flexible with your flight dates. Don’t ever simply choose the ROUND TRIP and complete the booking right away. I would suggest you book the tickets separately (unless you have a good discount on booking both ways at a time in the form of a round trip).

By booking the tickets separately, you can alter the return flight date as per the price of the ticket.

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