We all have been there. I guess you might have got your VISA approved just a couple of days back, and now you are panicking about everything you have to buy (which mostly is an interesting part), then pack everything into the trolleys on which some crazy weight restrictions are applied.

air india weight restrictions banjaara in europe

From not buying unnecessary things to the way you are stuffing them inside the trolley, everything is an important step. If done properly, you can do miracles with your wits. Here, I have simplified the basic tips on how to make maximum use of the space in your trolleys, without exceeding the weight limit, and breaking the sensitive things.

Assuming that you are taking an AirIndia flight to Italy, you will be given a 23+23 Kilos of Check-in luggage, with an extra 23 Kilos as a student bonus, along with that, you can even carry a small cabin bag that can be something around 10 Kilos. From what I believe, you might not need the bonus trolley. If properly packed, you can make it possible with just two trolleys, my previous blog-story on the essentials you have to buy for Italy may help you out. Check out the blog story link below:

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Anyway, I tried my best in breaking down the details to minimize your effort while packing. This blog-story is taken forward in 10 exclusive steps with proper pictures. Here you go:

  1. Roll your clothes, instead of stuffing or folding in squares

packing luggage in trolleys rolling indian student traveling to italy air india

We are used to folding our clothes, maybe because of the way we place them in the almirahs/ cupboards or to not disturb the ironing. Anyway, I would say that, if you are ready to sacrifice (or you don’t have to), you can pack almost all your clothes in a single trolley, without hurting it.

All you need to do is, do the two normal folds at first, then, roll them like you roll the charts or posters.

  2. Distribution of the weight

how to pack trolley bag weight distribution indian going to italy masters bologna

Before starting anything, take a look at your trolley. Check out the wheel-end, and the puller end. Start putting heavy or unbreakable things at the wheel-end (the bottom). Because when you drag your trolley with the wheels, all the weight on the puller side will be resting on the wheel-end, and anything even a bit sensitive is prone to breakage.

Also, try to place the bedsheets or the fleece blankets at the base, right at the wheel-end.

  3. Fill your boots/shoes

how to pack shoes and socks in trolley bag indian student traveling to italy

Now, you will be filling up a lot of space when you arrange your shoes inside the trolley. No, matter how much you fold them, there is always this enormous space left empty (the hole-space where you put in your feet). So, let us fill it off. Assuming the shoes are super-clean, you can try adjusting your socks, gloves, and maybe inner garments inside the boots.

  4. Pack them into compartments

how to pack your essentials for italy in trolley bags airindia flight banjaara in europe indian student bologna

Place all your essentials into different groups. All the toiletries on one side, snacks on one side, stationary, and other belongings on different sides, then pack them into cubes. You can find tiny bags, or boxes to do so. This will protect your stationery from smelling like potato chips, or snacks smelling like soaps. Also, protects from the effects of leakage.

  5. The Trolley you Choose

how to pack the soft trolley vs hard trolley packing to italy air india flight

Do not compromise on the quality of the trolley. Always go for a hard trolley, not the soft one. I repeat, do not do that mistake. Because, there is a heavy chance of you getting back your trolley at the destination, with one wheel-less, or something completely broken inside.

Airlines do not handle your trolleys with any sensitivity, they are ruthlessly thrown the way they want. I have seen a lot of my friends getting back the damaged trolleys. You may have to pay some 1000 or 2000 rupees extra for the hard trolleys, but it will all be worth it.

  6. Airport-Packing is a must

airport packing of pickles indian traveling to italy air india flight banjaara in europe

Your mom might want you to carry some home-made pickles, or the curry and dal powders, don’t ever put them in one layer polythenes. Take them to the place nearby where you can get the Airport packing done.

If it is packed normally, the Airlines might take them away at the check-in, for the right reasons, because, seeing the fellow trolleys submerged in the pickle oil is really not a good picturesque.

  7. Jacket-free packing

wearing all clothes while taking air india plane indian student to italy gif

You can save a considerable amount of space in your trolley if you simply wear the fattest or the heaviest jacket, instead of stuffing it inside the trolleys. Around 300-400 grams of weight, and especially, at least 30% of the space inside the trolley will be reserved for the other things.

If you have a digital SLR camera or a gigantic headset, wear both of them. Don’t burden your cabin and check-in bags.

  8. Cut your Luggage to HALF

How to Use Packing Cubes_ Our Favorite Family Travel Hack!

Packing for one or two years is a really serious thing, so start from scratch. Gather everything you want to take. Now that everything is right in front of you, remove half of them.

Remember, you are not flying to Mars. It is just another country, and you can buy everything there. This way you would have filtered the inessentials and would only be carrying what you actually want.

  9. Use your socks

how to pack shoes and socks in trolley bag indian student traveling to italy

In one of the above points, I have explained how you can use the space in your shoes. Let us take it a step forward. Put your breakable items like perfume bottles and glassware in socks to prevent breakage. Also, try stuffing the items between clothes so as to shield them from the ends.

  10. Remove the tags and packing

Packing essentials for indian students flying to italy for masters banjaara in europe indian blog

Since you are packing for abroad, all the stuff you are packing will be brand-new, and well packed in cartons, and polythene bags. Get rid of all the tags and the packing. Starting from the tiny box in which your Colgate comes, to the curry powder packed in a tiny carton, take them off and see the space and weight you can save in your trolley.

Consolidate your bags as much as you can, keep it compact. Keep a tab on the weight from time to time. Remember, the weight of the trolley bag (hard trolleys weight around 2-3 Kilos at least) is included in the 23 KG. Do not ever let your trolley weigh more than 23 Kilos.

So, with all the steps carefully taken, you might be good to go. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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