It was supposed to be a 28 days trip throughout the South of Italy. I was staying in Bari, at an AirBnb. The stay was about to end, but there was something missing. It just felt like I had to take care of my itchy feet with a solo-trip.

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Flight booking:

The first thing I did was opening the amazing Ryanair app on my phone. I started looking at the places where the flight tickets are the cheapest. The miracle has happened. I stumbled upon the two-way tickets (Bari to Malta) for literally 9.99 Euros each. Now that is as cheap as an H&M t-shirt.

ryanair malta cheapest tickets from italy

The Accommodation:

The next thing I did to confirm my trip to Malta was checking, spending a humongous amount on the accommodation, despite spending nothing for the flights is a joke for me, and luckily, I found a couple of amazing hostels on the app, with the Genius membership, I got 10% discount.

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With the unexpected delays in the booking, I had to pay the spikes at the last minute, with all the whatever inclusions, I paid around 79.50 Euros for 8 nights (from 21st to 29th of September) at Marco Polo Hostel, at St.Julian’s Bay. With the conversion, it comes down to something like 7000 Indian rupees.

What can you expect from the Marco Polo Hostel:

marco polo hostel malta banjara in europe

For all the solo backpackers, I would totally recommend this place for its absolutely worthy price. The booking includes a bed in the 12-person dorm room, a cute curtain offering you some privacy for the nights, air-conditioning (9 pm to 9 am), a sufficient balcony, and a beautiful roof-top that turns into a bar at the nights. A tiny kitchen and refrigerator are open for the people staying there.

Local Transportation in Malta:

If you are going to stay in Malta for more than a week, I suggest you take a week-pass. This one-week bus pass includes traveling the whole country (which isn’t as big). The card gets activated with the first time you validate it after entering the bus. You can buy this ‘Tallinja card‘ in the block next to the airport exit. It will cost you 21 Euros. By the way, don’t forget validating the card every time you enter the bus, if you don’t do so, you have to pay the fine which is 50 euros.

If your stay is not going to be more than 3-4 days, I suggest you buy the tickets on the bus itself, it is 2 euros per ticket, and it will be valid for 2 hours. Every place in Malta is very well connected with buses. (Assuming that the readers of this blog might be Indians, almost every time I hopped onto the bus, I saw an Indian driving it. It just felt good seeing them everywhere haha).

tallinja card local transportation bus malta cost for one week banjara in europe indian

Meanwhile, to cross the island, and enter Gozo, I took a ship, that was pretty big, in size, the ticket was something like 4.65 euros, which is very much worth it.

If we add up all the basic money I have spent in Malta for the 8 days, it came down to

  1. Accommodation: 79.50 Euros
  2. The flight tickets: 7.99+ 9.99= 18 Euros
  3. Local transportation in Malta= 21+ 4.65+ 2= 27.65 Euros

The total: 125 Euros (Not so much eh!!!)

I will write down the deep insights about the tourist attractions in Malta and the food you must try on this Island country in the following blog stories. Keep in touch.

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