Tricks: How To Save MONEY While Booking Flight To ITALY As A Student?

If you are done waiting for over a month to get your VISA APPROVED, this might be your next to-do thing. The very idea of flying to Italy for the long-term involves a lot of packing which eventually makes you panic. To make things at least a bit easier for you, I have written a […]

Packing Italy: How To Stuff Your Trolley Under 23 KG AirIndia Limit

We all have been there. I guess you might have got your VISA approved just a couple of days back, and now you are panicking about everything you have to buy (which mostly is an interesting part), then pack everything into the trolleys on which some crazy weight restrictions are applied. From not buying unnecessary […]

First Week As An Indian In Italy: Being Nervous & Curious At A Time!

I stepped into Italy right at the beginning of winter. My first impression was quite weird. I mean, in India, when we see some white people walking through the streets of the old city on the lanes in Agra’s Meena Bazaar, there were at least twelve eyes staring at them, asking them for selfies. But […]

Indian Traveling Malta For 8 Days Without Burning Pockets

It was supposed to be a 28 days trip throughout the South of Italy. I was staying in Bari, at an AirBnb. The stay was about to end, but there was something missing. It just felt like I had to take care of my itchy feet with a solo-trip. Flight booking: The first thing I […]

Essentials Every Indian Has To Buy While Coming To Italy For Studies

The first thing I don’t want to write down here is the scenario that will land you in panic and anxiety. Because, I assume that after waiting for almost a month or so, you got your visa, and you might want to party, meet your relatives, and fulfill the deals your mom made with the […]

Flying To Italy: Bye Amma, I Promise I Won’t Eat Beaf Abroad

After waiting for a freaking 45 days, I got my VISA. Half of me felt like dancing on the beach, and the other couldn’t quite handle the possibilities of the new life ahead. I personally never missed the taste of ‘Ghar Ka Khaana'(Homemade food)  despite staying away from parents, like going home once in 4 […]